Our Kickstarter campaign was a roaring success! Thank you to each and every one of you who helped fund our sitcom pilot GIRLBAND. We are incredibly excited by this opportunity and cannot wait to get started on the project.  

One of our Kickstarter rewards was to host a rehearsed reading of our sitcoms at the Canal Cafe Theatre. The audience was filled with not only some of our lovely Kickstarter supporters but also production companies and a television channel too. Exciting times. The rehearsed reading was a great way for us to show our Kickstarter crowd what they are investing in and also an opportunity for us to test the script in front of a live audience before filming begins.

The sitcoms read were:

GIRLBAND, winner of the 2013 Sitcom Mission, has been further developed ahead of filming the pilot episode this autumn. This heartwarming sitcom centres around three obsessive fans of a long-forgotten 90’s pop band: Girlband. The sitcom celebrates the underdog, taking an affectionate look at those who dedicate their lives to fandom, as it explores the question: ‘What happens when teenage obsession develops a middle-aged spread’?

Jenny and Debra are the founding members of Girlband’s last-surving fanclub. They eagerly await their newest recruit, Ceri, who is relocating from Wales with boyfriend Gareth to the fanclub headquarters in Debra’s house. As a Girlband tribute artiste, Ceri is anticipating a warm welcome from the fanclub’s many members. How will she react when she finds the total membership is only two (three including Barry, Debra’s imaginary lover). With only Girlband in common, will their shared obsession translate into the life-long friendship the lonely woman yearn for?

Will Girlband’s last surviving fanclub… survive?

Character comedy at its best’ – Fringe Review(GIRLBAND, Tristan Bates Theatre 2012)

Dark Comedy, IVY VIEW, is Those Three Girls’ latest sitcom.

Wheelchair-bound ex-Army Major Austin and his manipulative lover Vivian have kidnapped Austin’s wife, holding her captive in the attic of her B&B, ‘Ivy View’. The scheming duo are trying to muster up the courage to kill her and inherit her money. As a result the hotel has a strict ‘no guests’ rule, for fear of being rumbled by snooping holidaymakers. Meanwhile, desperate Sara has invited internet date Liam to her ex’s wedding. Lost in a storm, late at night, mismatched couple are forced to seek refuge at Ivy View. What follows is a weekend they will all live (or die) to forget.

The evening was filmed, on numerous cameras, including a camera on the audience in an attempt to gauge their reactions. We’ll be able to watch back the footage and see what worked, what didn’t, what fell flat and we may be able to work out why.

We also held a quick question and answer session after the reading to give the audience an opportunity to ask us questions about or give feedback on the script. This is a very exposing ask so understandably the audience were hesitant. Our feedback forms were more successful. People were more honest after a few pints and when they could remain anonymous. The feedback we received from the forms was very constructive, posed thought provoking questions and had ultimately changed the script. We have already redrafted and are happier as a result.

Thank you to our lovely actors Michael Goward, Chris Allen, Andy King, Rich Carroll and to our producer Lucy Fazey who stepped in at the last minute to awesomely nail some stage directions. You were all comedy heroes and helped make our scripts sing with your hilarious performances. Superstars.

Thank you to Joshua Dean Perry for capturing the evening on video. We can’t wait to watch the footage back to see what worked (and what didn’t) so we can keep redrafting the script to ensure that GIRLBAND is in the best possible shape before filming.

Big thank you to Tom Schoon for his awesome poster design and thank you to the Canal Cafe Theatre for having us.

All in all 100% successful read through!

We are super excited for the next stage of the process… production meetings and script development.

We will keep all you lovely people posted.

T3Gs x