We’re in the final stages of development for our sitcom GIRLBAND and we are casting!

This heartwarming sitcom centres around three obsessive fans of a long-forgotten 90’s pop band: Girlband. The sitcom celebrates the underdog, taking an affectionate look at those who dedicate their lives to fandom, as it explores the question:

‘What happens when teenage obsession develops a middle-aged spread’?


Those Three Girls - GIRLBAND, sitcom mission, comedy writers,JENNY and DEBRA are the last surviving members of the fanclub of long-forgotten nineties pop trio, Girlband: ‘Girlband, United, Now and Then (GUNT). The band split up 15 years ago, but a true fan never forgets, and JENNY and DEBRA have continued to hold weekly meetings in the fanclub headquarters as they approach middle age. As the women celebrate their 900th meeting, their worlds are about to be turned upside down by the arrival of an unexpected new member.


Unbeknownst to DEBRA, CERI, is relocating from Wales with boyfriend GARETH to live in the fanclub headquarters in DEBRA’s house. As a Girlband tribute artiste, Ceri is anticipating a warm welcome, and an opportunity to make a fresh start in the big city (/Croydon) and take her unconventional relationship with GARETH to the next level.
Meanwhile, JENNY’s mother, CAROL, is having relationship troubles of her own. Commitment-phobic CAROL is horrified that a recent lover has become too clingy and is keen to expand her horizons online. She’s enlisted the help of DEBRA’s younger brother NEIL to help set up her dating profile. NEIL is experienced with online love, as he dreams of making a life with the online girlfriend he has never met, and escaping the clutches of his overbearing older sister. This is devastating news to JENNY, who has been plucking up the courage to declare her feelings for NEIL for as long as she can remember.


With only Girlband in common, will JENNY, DEBRA and CERI’s shared obsession translate into the friendship the lonely women all yearn for? Will Girlband’s last surviving fanclub… survive?


Those Three Girls female comedy writers and performers sitcom mission winners

‘Character comedy at its best’
– Fringe Review (GIRLBAND, Tristan Bates Theatre 2012)


Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th April
– Ealing Studios


Sunday 24th April (pencilled)
Thursday 5th May – Evening (pencilled)
Wednesday 11th May – Evening (pencilled)
– London


Thursday 12th May
Friday 13th May
Saturday 14th May
Sunday 15th May
– London

Expenses Only (London based travel and food)  |  Copy of the final film for showreel material  |  Screening showcase of pilot to Industry Professionals


The roles we are casting in GIRLBAND are: –


CAROL: 52, single mother to JENNY, man-eating biker chick. Following the departure of JENNY’s father many years ago, the highly-sexed CAROL has sworn against relationships. Currently working from their ‘spare room’ at home, yet no one has the faintest idea what she actually does.


GARETH: 32, Orange-faced Welsh trampolining sensation (ranked number 3 in Wales). The love of CERI’s life, he has one foot placed firmly in the closet.


The casting is taking place Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th April in London (Location TBC).


To find out more about these roles and apply for the casting you can do so via Casting Call Pro:

We are also casting GIRLBAND themselves:


We are on the look out for three females full of ‘girl power’ to help create the 90’s pop band; fun, young, bright, bubbly –  think Ginger, Posh and Sporty Spice! We’re creating posters / band memorabilia to use as props in the GIRLBAND Headquarters. See our GUNT image below as an idea of what we want to use the material for…



KEL-G:  18 – 25 years, female, fun, young, bright, bubbly, full of 90s girl power, ginger hair

JADE:    18 – 25 years, female, fun, young, bright, bubbly, full of 90s girl power, dark hair

ROZ:    18 – 25 years, female, fun, young, bright, bubbly, full of 90s girl power


To find out more about these roles and apply for the casting via Total Talent


Or you can just contact us direct! We would love to hear from you:



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