GIRLBAND: Location Hunting

Debra Stocking's house in Croydon

Debra Stocking’s house in Croydon

Our Director Luke Graham and Producer Lucy Fazey have been hunting across London for the perfect filming location for the pilot episode of our sitcom, GIRLBAND.


When writing the script we were very aware of our budget restrictions and constantly censored our writing to ensure that we could achieve and afford the final film shoot. No filming in outer space, no lavish masquerade balls or millionaires luxury yacht parties for example. Although our Kickstarter backers were incredibly generous, to film a 30 minute pilot episode of a sitcom is ridiculously  expensive (location and equipment hire alone is going to use a majority of our budget) so we had to write simply and within our means. Six actors, in a house, in London. Done.


Even when it came to writing in props, we had to alter the script a few times in view of it becoming too expensive. In one draft of the script, Carol destroyed one of Neil’s precious WWF inflatable collectables. £20 from Amazon but if we needed to do the take five times, for whatever reason (sound interference, boom in shot, fluffed line) we’ve just blown £100 of our extremely tight budget. Literally.


IMG_9707Like all good sitcoms, the story of GIRLBAND takes place in one location. A majority of the action is inside a house. There are one / two external shots but located around the property. The main filming locations are:

– Front door

– GIRLBAND headquarters (bedroom)

– Neil’s bedroom

– Landing

– Bathroom

Our Producer and Director had to bear in mind when searching for a property, that these rooms were of ample size to fit in not only the cast, but a full crew / equipment and have enough room for the camera to freely move so we are not restricted on available shots.


IMG_9704Lucy and Luke have done an amazing job and found us the perfect property. They are taking our Production Designer Olivia Young ( and our DOP Anthony Gurner ( there today for a recce of the location.


Our Get In is next Wednesday, that means Debra’s house is going to be brought to life! Our Designer Olivia will dress the set and position the props ready for filming to begin on Thursday.


Really not long to go now…!


Exciting GIRLBAND times 💗