Our awesome editor Miguel Javier Lloro has been working incredibly hard over the last few months to piece together our sitcom GIRLBAND. Since our assembly cut at Christmas, he has had about three further passes at the edit. Usually we deliver feedback over email, but last night we met for a group meeting to sit round the screens together and make the final creative decisions.

It was really exciting to see Miguel work, picking out the funniest takes, tightening the pace and ensuring every shot was clear and moving the story forward. It was interesting to discuss the reasons as to why some of our edit requests could not be met. Maybe we didn’t have footage of the requested shot, there was a fault with the shot so it could not be used (too much camera movement, boom in shot etc) or there was a discussion on the acting as to why he preferred the take he had chosen.


Once we had worked through all our final notes (notes from us, our Producer, Director and our Executive Producer) and watched it one… last… time… we went to picture lock! It sounds like something from X-factor but ‘picture lock’ is the stage in editing when all changes to the film or television program cut have been done and approved. Exciting!

Miguel Javier Lloro, Those Three Girls, Editing, comedy editor, GIRLBAND


The last stage is for the sitcom to be colour graded, sound leveled and the opening/closing titles added.


Then we can move on to the next stage… booking a screening venue and inviting everyone to come watch!

We are aiming for May. It will depend on when we can finalise the last post-production stages… we will keep you posted!