We are incredibly excited to announce that we have cast GIRLBAND! We saw a wonderful collection of incredibly talented actors and after an extensive audition process at Ealing Studios, we made our final decision…

… And we could not be happier!

Apart from us three girls we have:-

OWAIN-WILLIAMS-C2-819x1024Owain Williams – GARETH

29, Orange-faced Welsh trampolining sensation (ranked number 3 in Wales). Love of Ceri’s life, with one foot firmly in the closet. Questionable relationship with his (male) trampolining coach.

Owain is absolutely amazing and we are so excited he’s playing the role of Gareth. He and Lucy Barnett have amazing comedy chemistry together and he’s got the accent down perfect 😉 He’s the ideal man for the job.

13043686_10153391351867251_7924921224733403934_nRuth Keeling – CAROL

52, single mother to Jenny. Man-eating biker chick who has dated (and dumped) half of Croydon. Recently separated from ‘Flat-Pack Dan’ as he was getting too clingy.

Ruth was hilariously funny, warm and has perfect comedy timing. In her recall she brought a wealth of fresh ideas to the character that had us all in stitches. We cannot wait to work with her.

We only auditioned actors for the role of Gareth and Carol as the character Neil was already set in stone…

184017Michael Goward – NEIL

33, Debra’s long suffering brother who lives at home with her. Wrestling enthusiast and Jammy Dodger factory worker. In love with his online girlfriend who he’s never met.

Mike has been with us since the very beginning of our GIRLBAND journey and there is no other actor who could possibly play the part. Mike read for Neil at The Sitcom Mission semi-final and for the final. He was also part of our Canal Café Theatre rehearsed reading and has been at every workshop or table read we’ve ever had. The part was written especially with him in mind so there was never any question of auditioning anyone else. Mike is perfect.

And then there is us three but you probably already know who we are…

Those Three Girls female comedy writers and performers sitcom mission winnersCarly Sheppard – JENNY

35 year-old virgin who still lives at home with her mother. GIRLBAND super fan and founding member of fanclub GUNT (Girlband United, Now and Then). A romantic, she sees the world through rose-tinted spectacles. Misfit, fanatic, secretly in love with Debra’s son, Neil.

Those Three Girls female comedy writers and performers sitcom mission winnersLucy Barnett – CERI

29, self-professed celebrity in Mumbles, South Wales. Describes herself as ‘fiancee’ of Welsh trampolining sensation Gareth Thomas-Jones, but he is yet to ask. Her elbow once featured in an episode of ‘The Valleys’.

Those Three Girls female comedy writers and performers sitcom mission winnersSusannah Adele – DEBRA

35, GUNT treasurer. Professional autograph hunter, Poundland employee, hypochondriac and conspiracy theorist. Sister to Neil, 33.