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So… I guess we should just start at the very beginning…  I’ll do a quick recap for those of you that weren’t there. Here goes…

  • We (Carly, Lucy, Susie) met at drama school whilst training to be actors – standard.
  • Formed a theatre company and did some plays – arty.
  • Went to writing school to learn how to spell – handy.
  • Formed a comedy group and did some funny stuff – cheeky.
  • Wrote and play about a girl band – GIRLBAND.
  • Turned our play into a sitcom – fancy.
  • Won a comedy writing award – The Sitcom Mission.
  • Got an agent – Independent Talent.

And then this is where we (you and I – the person reading this right now) meet. Hello.

Destiny has brought us together (if you believe in that kind of thing). If not – we met because we read this book… ‘Show Your Work’ by Austin Kleon and decided to put his advice into practice. Thanks your work

The book is good (hence why we are all here) and we recommend you go read it for yourself.

You may have gathered we love writing… and performing… performing our writing… but even with a good Brownie check list behind us, getting the people with powers to say ‘yes please’  to our work is one hell of a tricky business.

We love what we do and we work very hard. Sometimes it may seem like not a lot is happening, when in actual fact we are busting our funny guts. We may appear like serene swimming swans *coughs* but in reality we are burrowing comedy beavers. So in the spirit of the book, we are opening our back doors (leave it) and letting you in behind the scenes to have a gander at how we work, air our dirty bits and not just show our pretty finished product.

If anything we mutter about sparks your interest or thoughts, feel free to get in touch and share it with us. #showyourwork

Posted by Carly – One of Those Three Girls