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We sent our latest sitcom Ivy View into Sitcom Geeks James Cary and Dave Cohen. They took a look at our first 10 pages and chatted about the script in their latest podcast. We very much enjoyed listening in and found their criticism very constructive and insightful.

Being reviewed on their podcast was the first proper feedback we’d received on Ivy View, and the Sitcom Geeks picked up on some great points that we totally took on board – we’re re-writing as we speak!


James and Dave were right when they said Ivy View isn’t really a sitcom in the traditional sense. (They were also right when they said the League of Gentlemen have a lot to answer for!) The story is not told from one person’s perspective, it’s more of an ensemble piece, but it’s probably fair to say Sara is the heroine. All characters appear in each episode, as the whole series is set over one weekend. One by one, some will be picked off and meet a gruesome fate. In that sense, it might be better described as a 6-part comedy drama… or a ‘horrordy’, if that’s a word?!


It’s tricky because a lot of the questions the Sitcom Geeks wanted answers for will be answered later on in the story. It’s difficult to know how to create intrigue without giving too much away, but we also definitely take the point that the first 10 pages are more of a ‘calling card’ – so we need to show that we can tell a clear story (as well as be funny, and establish great characters) – in our next rewrite we’ll make everything happen a lot faster, and the set up a lot clearer. James and Dave’s comments have clarified for us the fact that at the moment we’ve got too many unreasonable twists (and made it needlessly complicated!) – Sara and Liam are at the wrong hotel, they’re also misleading one another about their intentions for the weekend, and that’s before we even get onto the many things Austin and Vivien are lying about…


Thank you to The Sitcom Geeks James and Dave for all their help, it’s very much appreciated and we look forward to hearing their next podcast!


Listen to the podcast here: SITCOM GEEKS: EPISODE 13 – JOKES 

Read the first 10 pages of Ivy View here: SITCOM GEEKS: FIRST 10 PAGES



IVY VIEWwe are currently adapting IVY VIEW for radio and recording a pilot episode in the New Year.

Wheelchair-bound ex-Army Major Austin and his manipulative lover Vivian have kidnapped Austin’s wife, holding her captive in the attic of her B&B, ‘Ivy View’.ivy The scheming duo are trying to muster up the courage to kill her and inherit her money. As a result the hotel has a strict ‘no guests’ rule, for fear of being rumbled by snooping holidaymakers. Meanwhile, desperate Sara has invited internet date Liam to her ex’s wedding. Lost in a storm, late at night, the mismatched couple are forced to seek refuge at Ivy View.

What follows is a weekend they will all live (or die) to forget.