Table Read

Lucy Fazey, Producer, CatSnake

Lucy Fazey – Producer

Luke Graham, Director, GIRLBAND. Those Three Girls

Luke Graham – Director

This weekend we held a private table read of the latest draft of our sitcom GIRLBAND for our Producer and Director. Look at them… super deep in comedy thought.


With not long to go before we film, it’s important to hear if the script is reading well aloud; pace, story structure, if it’s funny! Quite an important factor when writing a sitcom.


It is a great opportunity for us as actors as well to delve deeper into the characters, making final decisions on accents, voice qualities and physical appearance. Exciting times!


We had the pleasure of being joined by amazing actors Ruth Keeling, Jack Darell and Michael Goward who read the remaining parts for us. It was incredibly useful, from a writer’s perspective, to hear the characters come to life through someone other than our own voices and they brought a wealth of humour and talent to the table. We were lucky to have them!


Our Producer Lucy Fazey is now location hunting and building a production team to ensure that the shoot goes as smoothly as possible. Filming a half hour sitcom in four days is going to be an incredibly tight schedule but with Lucy’s thorough planning we’re sure we’ll smash it. Our Director Luke Graham is finalising his ideas about the overall tone of the sitcom and planning the shots required.


All in all, a 100% successful day that has made us even more excited for filming the pilot… if that’s at all possible 🙂


Love T3Gs x