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We love our sitcom GIRLBAND.

We have been living in our GIRLBAND world for nearly 3 years now. It is a heart-warming, funny, familiar place, which makes it hard to leave. Moving on to new ideas, different characters, other worlds is proving to be difficult.

Maybe one of the reasons it is hard to move away from is because the journey feels unfinished. We have worked, hard. We have written and performed a stage show, staged rehearsed readings, filmed teaser trailers and short sketch videos, written a pilot episode, 14 redrafts later we have half of episode 4 (this was a requirement for The Sitcom Mission competition), a full series one (6 episodes) synopsis, character breakdowns, a full treatment document to pitch to production companies and TV executives, which we have done but as of yet… we are still waiting for the shining green light at the end of our yellow brick road.

When we originally developed GIRLBAND as a stage play, we never anticipated it taking us to where we are today. From the beginning, reactions to the show were positive. Those who had seen the show would continually ask where were we going next with the idea and what were our future plans for the project.

We toyed with the idea of filming a web series. Some of the feedback we received from the stage show was that the writing was very filmic, so breaking the show down into bite sized web pieces seemed achievable but our Those Three Girls motto is ‘…go big or go home’. Therefore we decided against the web series idea and rewrote the stage play into a sitcom. Now that GIRLBAND is an award winning sitcom it feels like nothing short of three series, a Christmas special, a movie and a BAFTA will do.

We signed with our agent at Independent and GIRLBAND Ep. 4 was placed into the hands of some of the biggest comedy production companies in the UK. Meetings were arranged, great feedback was received but as of yet… no offer is on the table. We have struggled with what to do next. Do we plough on and write the full series one, 6 episodes? Do we go back to the idea of making a short web series? Do we crowd fund and make a full length 30 minute pilot? Do we push GIRLBAND to one side and focus on new ideas?

This is where the difficult second album comes in to play. For the last 6 months or so we have popped GIRLBAND on the shelf. We are currently script editing a pilot episode for our new sitcom which has been fun… but when you love something so much and feel passionately about work you have spent years creating, it is hard to move it to one side and to try and develop something new, especially when the journey feels so unfinished. Beginning a new idea is a daunting prospect after your previous work was so well received. GIRLBAND is never far from our minds.

Knowing what to do next is hard. How do you deal with the feeling of an idea going to waste? Should we contact production companies directly? Should we resurrect the stage show and begin performing more regular live shows?  If there was a market for the sitcom would a production company have made an offer by now? Maybe we are barking up the wrong tree, flogging a dead horse, dead dog or something of that effect.

Or maybe we should invoke some of the spirit of GIRLBAND and embrace the fact that we are fighting the fight of the underdog, believe in ourselves, just enjoy the journey whatever we decide to do and wherever it may lead, march on with full GIRLBAND girl power and even in our darkest sitcom hour, never give up comedy hope.

Posted by Carly – One of Those Three Girls